Coming Soon

Alright, we know you’ve been patiently awaiting our bag range, and if you’ve been following our start-up journey on socials you’ll be familiar with the rollercoaster that journey has been!

Turns out designing, sourcing and manufacturing the ‘best baby backpack ever’ is not a straightforward task (trust me). But we need this to be perfect, and we don’t plan on stopping until we’ve done just that!The good news is, that we’re almost there!

The Breif? Functional AF, but make it beautiful.

Which as we mentioned, is harder than we thought. BUT that won't stop us. We're working tirelessly to bring you the perfect travel bag for you and your little one...

You can expect to see...

  • Revolutionary access - what you need, when you need it, no melt downs
  • Quick and easy wipes dispensers - mess free goodness
  • Modular design - our bags work as a team and have your back
  • Built-in, easy access insulated pockets - keep that yoghurt cool

Honestly, what more could you want?

  • The ultimate in ergonomics - having a baby breaks your back, your bag shouldn't!
  • Planet friendly - made of the most premium recycled materials.
  • Androgenous fashion - dad will love it too 
  • Alllllll the pockets, then some

So, stay tuned...

We’re so excited to launch our bag range in 2024. But, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our fantastic accessories that have been designed for travel, but are perfect for everyday! Of course, all designed to integrate seamlessly with our backpack!