Where Style meets Sustainability

At HuddoCo, we're on a mission to make parenting a breeze, while being conscious of the planet we're leaving behind for our little ones.

Our bag products are more than just functional fashion statements; they're sustainabilty statements too. How? you ask…

Recycled Magic:

Our bag products are made from the highest quality certified recycled materials, giving a new life to things that would've ended up in land fill, or worse, our oceans.

Reduced Footprint:

Here at HuddoCo, every choice we make for our small business considers how it may impact our environment. That's why we opt to only use biodegradable, compostable and where possible, recycled packaging.

No fast fashion!

Our bags are designed to be used for generations. They 'grow with you'. From infant essentials to toddler must-haves, these bags adapt to every parenting stage. And yes, they're made to endure well beyond your kid's childhood years!

More on Materials...

Our Beast-free leather...

We scoured the globe to find a premium leather alternative that was beautiful, durable and truly eco-friendly. We were shocked to discover that even most 'vegan' leathers produced a lot of uncontrolled chemical waste during their production. That's how we found microfibre leather!
Using microfiber leather is like giving the environment a high-five 🌿🖐️. Here's why it's a planet-friendly choice:


Microfiber leather is a synthetic material, which means no animals are involved in its production. So, no need to worry about animal welfare concerns – it's like a big, comfy hug for our furry friends.

Resource Efficiency:

Making microfiber leather typically requires fewer resources than traditional leather, like water and land. That's a thumbs-up for conservation right there.

Waste Reduction:

Traditional leather tanning and most vegan leather production can generate a lot of chemical waste. Microfiber leather production tends to be cleaner, with fewer harmful byproducts. Less mess, less stress!

Versatile and Durable:

Microfiber leather can mimic the look, feel and wear of real leather, but often lasts longer. This durability means less need for replacements, which is a win for the environment.

Reduced Deforestation:

Traditional leather production can drive deforestation, but microfiber leather doesn't rely on cutting down trees for resources.

Water Conservation:

Leather production can be pretty thirsty work, using lots of water. Microfiber leather typically needs less hydration.

Innovative Recycling:

Our microfiber leather is be made from recycled materials, reducing the demand for new resources and preventing waste from piling up.