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Milk to Munch Pouch (Set)

Milk to Munch Pouch (Set)

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Introducing the Huddo-Co Milk-to Munch Pouch – Your Ultimate on-the-go feeding companion for parents traveling with little ones. Whether it's milk, baby food, purees, or drinks, our pouch is designed to accommodate all your baby's feeding and hydration needs. It's safe to use in the fridge, freezer and microwave. 

The set includes a 150ml Milk and Food Pouch along with four versatile attachments, designed to streamline your parenting journey while keeping your child nourished and satisfied, wherever your adventures take you.

Our Milk-to-Munch milk and food pouch serves you throughout the infant phase, while introducing solids, and right through your toddler years.

      Product Materials

      BPA Free Silicone


      L 125.0 x W 100.0

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      • Features You'll Love

        • Complete attachment set.
        • Premium Silicone BPA-free and non-toxic.
        • Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste.
        • Reduces the need for single use plastics.
        • Dishwasher safe.

      • Care Guide

        • Press out excess air when closing.
        • Leave seals open while microwaving.
        • Handle with care when hot.

      • Dimensions

        125.0mm, 100.0mm